Highlights from the cryptocurrency world for 2020

The year 2020 was undoubtedly a monumental one for the cryptocurrency world. Despite the global challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the cryptocurrency market experienced significant growth, with Bitcoin leading the way as the most valuable and well-known cryptocurrency. Here are some highlights from the cryptocurrency world in 2020.Bitcoin’s Resurgence: After a tumultuous 2019, Bitcoin […]

Why are regulators interested in recognizing cryptocurrencies as securities?

Cryptocurrencies have gained significant attention from the financial world in recent years. With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and their potential to transform traditional financial systems, many governments and regulatory bodies are considering the recognition of cryptocurrencies as securities.A security is a financial instrument that represents ownership in a publicly traded corporation or a debt […]

All You Need To Learn More About The SEC Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Regulation: Is It A Security? The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other US market authorities are taking the crypto market seriously. The second half of the crypto portmanteau reveals the currency, a conscious decision made by the movement’s founders to emphasise their aim to replace fiat currencies as a store of value. Since […]